2 thoughts on “5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

  1. There’s a certain irony about first hearing about the post through Facebook and then watching it on my phone. I’m one of the 20% that don’t post often, or use it mostly to catch up, but I can understand how addicting it could be. But we go with the times, and the plasticity of the human mind is always something to be marveled at. Maybe we’ll develop a whole new set of skills from being connected all the time.


  2. Yes, the intersection of technology and neuroscience has always fascinated me! I’m not trying to argue that technology is bad for us, but I have tried to think carefully about the ways that I use it. For example, I have used it to learn a language which I could never have done from a book, but sometimes I also find myself checking facebook multiple times a day as a kind of break (which is more of a distraction than a break). I definitely think that because the power of our brain comes mainly from its ability to adapt, that we will start to see new transitions in the future. Thanks for the comment Jon!


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